Floral Hand Embroidery Craft Kit Release

Hi Creatives!

I hope you're all doing well. I am so excited to be releasing our next project!

This is something new and rather exciting – and something I have never seen done before! An exciting innovation in the World of Craft! Easy and Beginner Friendly too and a great DIY Project for the Home!

I go Live on both Instagram and Facebook to release these projects – I think the anticipation is exciting and I must admit I do enjoy the suspense! It’s always so lovely when I have customers guessing. You can watch the live release above!

I love showing you what you receive within your kit, how the craft is roughly put together. I talk about my thinking and logic and how I come up with my ideas! It’s always lovely to share this. Creativity really is at the heart of what we do and making sure we inspire you and give you lots of craft ideas that you can take and make your own makes us so happy!

So without delaying further! I’d love to release our latest Project!

Floral ‘Love’ Embroidery Kit with Real Dried Forever Flowers Craft Box!

I have no idea how such designs come to me! This beautiful and very interesting piece has been designed to hold the real dried forever flowers within the cavity of the embroidery hoop, sandwiched between 2 sheets of transparent fabric. We like to call this Window Embroidery!

Perhaps it’s been done before! If it has been please write to us and let us know!

The Brick Stitch brings a lot of excitement, texture and depth to the lettering and the Satin Stitch finishes the hand embroidery off perfectly, bringing just the right amount of elegance!

The Brick Stitch and Satin Stitch are two really easy stitches to get the hang of - we like to incorporate new learning elements in all of our Do It Yourself Crafts at home so that you are constantly learning new things and getting those brain neurons fired!

In addition to this we’ll be transferring our design onto Water Soluble Embroidery Topping which is something all over Instagram and Pinterest at the moment. We love bringing you all of the trending craft hacks, tips and techniques! The Water Soluble Embroidery Topping washes right off once you have finished your design. No more tracing directly onto Organza!

Let’s also teach you how to assemble this piece – it’s a double sided setting and I have a little trick! All of the know how is contained within our easy beginner friendly step by step video embroidery tutorial as well as showing you how to assemble it.

Our kits contain 5 different dried forever flowers! These flowers are great to work with, so bright and cheery! The everlasting flowers are shaped slightly to fit within the cavity of the embroidery hoop. This is embroidery Hoop Art at it’s finest and a mix of traditional embroidery and Dried Flower Embroidery where are flowers are set in tulle which in turn is set within an embroidery hoop. Just gorgeous!

Our hand painted Embroidery Hoops are hand. The soft purple called Orchid Bloom is “Reminiscent of our heightened love for nature's florals” so isn’t this just the most perfect addition to this project!

Feel free to switch up the colours! This is your kit and should be made the way you want to make it!

It’s a really lovely Valentines/Galentines Craft but is also really awesome as a Mothers or Fathers Day Craft. Between Lovers, Friends or Family, this is a really exciting creative craft that will look fabulous on any wall or door.

If you’re feeling brave you could include the Back Stitch or Whipped Back Stitch and personalise the message with ‘Love You’ or ‘Love You Mum’, ‘Love You Dad’ and so on.

Our kits also come with a beautifully put together CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Journal. The theme will of course be ‘Love’ and the Journal is an exploration of self compassion and kindness – to ourselves. So as you can see we theme the crafts and the Journals follow suit – we think this is a very neat concept and I look forward to writing more blogs on how and why the combination of Craft and CBT is so important.

Excited? Purchase your Kit Now!

We are here to support your creative endeavours and want you to finish your projects, so if you feel stuck or lacking motivation, just send us a message and we’ll be happy to help!

You Inspire Us!  Keep it Crafty