"Arts and Crafts are a wonderful form of deep restorative meditation. "

Nadia, Craft Therapy Co.

Meet Your Tutor

Hello there, Creatives! I'm Nadia, and I'm absolutely thrilled to be your guide on this Art and Craft journey. Let me tell you a little bit about myself and what you can expect when you join my Art and Craft course.

I've had the incredible privilege of teaching Arts and Crafts for the past five years, and I can honestly say that it's my true calling. There's nothing more fulfilling to me than witnessing the spark of inspiration in my students' eyes as they dive into the world of creativity.

Teaching isn't just about sharing knowledge; it's about building connections. I genuinely love getting to know my students, understanding their unique perspectives, and helping them unlock their creative potential. We're not just here to learn; we're here to grow together.

My own artistic journey has taken me through a variety of mediums – from painting to bookbinding, to sculpting with clay, embroidery and so much more! I'm excited to bring this diverse experience into our workshops so you can explore and experiment to your heart's content.

Together, we're setting off on an artistic voyage,  hold a deep belief that within every individual, there resides an inner crafter and artist, patiently waiting to be unearthed. Whether you're starting from scratch or bringing some prior experience to the table. In our shared creative space, there's an abundance of knowledge to acquire, art to craft, and moments to share.

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humble Beginnings

Inner Canvas was born out of a love for art and craftsmanship.  Like many others I sought solace and joy in the act of creating. It all began when I was invited to a community art and craft course.  A group of people gathered to paint, sew, and sculpt weekly and this really saved me in the midst of a really tough time.  I noticed that when getting 'into the zone' something remarkable happened.  I entered a state of flow, a timeless, blissful immersion in the task that I was completing.  

This experience was transformative!  I realised that this state of flow, where all worries and stress melted away, held the power to bring instant peace into my life.  It was like a meditation in motion and with my eyes open!  I could create a space almost instantly to escape the busy-ness and stresses of the day and find a little serenity!