Circular Woven Pom Pom Clock

Hi Creatives!

It's been so long, I didn’t manage to release our 2 previous projects live! But I’m so excited to be back to introduce our May Project! As usual, I’m trying to push the boundaries and come up with different crafts. Usually incorporating tried and tested elements i.e. a timepiece but presenting it in a simple, fun and unique way! The beauty of a craft subscription box is that you too can experiment! it’s fun and playful and you can make some wonderful one off items for your home!

This months project is so much fun, it’s a great lap project, so something you can do to reduce your screen time. It’s very soothing because it’s repetitive and I love that it comes together so quickly as well

It’s always great going live and getting a lovely reception from my lovely customers. You can watch the live here:

I’ll keep it timely now (clue!?) and let you know that the Craft project for May will be our Circular Weave Pom Pom Clock Making Kit!

This Boho Style circular loom is so satisfying to complete. You’ll learn how to warp the loom and then begin the weaving in any design you like. You can pull the yarn tight , or go for a loose and raised look like I have. Whichever way you choose to complete this kit, there are plenty of supplies for you to play and experiment with!

Here are some ideas on how you can customise your pieces!

  1. You can incorporate the pom poms for a boho feel, or eliminate them for a more traditional woven look.
  2. Leave the bamboo hoop exposed also gives it an entirely different look and feel, so build up your piece in any way you like.
  3. Incorporate your own coloured yarns for various effects.
  4. Pull the yarn tight, or the yarn loose for an entirely different look (just make sure it is flush enough for the time pieces to travel over the top of it without getting caught)
  5. weave tightly as a base and them embroidery a design on top!
  6. It’s 100% customisable!


I had to procure a silent clock mechanism for this project because I for one struggle with ticking clocks! This mechanism is so smooth you can’t hear a thing! The bright gold hands brighten up the face of the timepiece and they really stand out.

This Kit is a wonderful gift! Gift it completely made up or as the kit itself! It would be lovely as a house warming gift or even a gift for a baby nursery.

Don’t forget that our kits come with a Step-by-Step digital Tutorial to take you through how to get the best results from your kit!

We are here to support your creative endeavours and create ideas to fill you life! Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any questions!

You Inspire Us!  Keep it Crafty!